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WIC Participants

WIC Participants love WIC Direct because it's fast, easy, and it works just like a debit card. Take your purchase to the register, swipe your card, enter your PIN, and leave with your food. Because there is no fuss, the stigma associated with WIC purchases by check is virtually eliminated.

Participants love WIC Direct because...

  • Mixed basket purchases allow smoother and more natural checkout processes
  • It is nearly as quick as a debit or credit card transaction, making checkout faster
  • The balance is readily available and can be retrieved in a number of ways
  • Unlike vouchers, there is no requirement to use it all at once


In retail, time-in-lane is critical. WIC Direct speeds up the time WIC shoppers spend at the checkout. With support for mixed basket,* the WIC and non-WIC items do not require separation, making the WIC checkout process even faster.

Grocery Retailers love WIC Direct because...

  • The system removes the burden of cashier error
  • APL downloads provide the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) with up-to-date knowledge of WIC-approved food items.
  • With support for mixed basket, very fast response times, and ease of use, the all-important "time-in-lane" is significantly reduced**
  • There is seamless integration with numerous ECR providers

* Mixed basket may not be supported in all areas.
** As compared to a voucher-based WIC system.


WIC Agencies

For WIC agencies, WIC Direct manages the benefit delivery and retail transaction authorization. This means that the not to exceed or maximum allowable reimbursement adjustment is made at the checkout lane, rather than after the retailer submits a payment request. Lost or stolen cards can be deactivated immediately, ensuring minimum impact to potential theft of benefits. Prescription changes can be made quickly-even over the phone if policies allow. With a wealth of data stored in the database, WIC Direct can be used to protect against fraud by allowing for analysis of redemption habits.

Clients love WIC Direct because it...

  • Reduces management overhead
  • Supports program integrity
  • Increases participant satisfaction
  • Simplifies identification of high risk vendors
  • Eliminates overcharges