Who is CDP?

We are a premier provider of data management systems and services for the public health community. Our diversified mix of services and solutions allows us to operate successfully throughout the United States. We have a vast array of offerings, which gives us a deeper perspective - one we can use to understand the whole picture. Built on family values, we operate with integrity. To us it’s more than just a company on the line, our legacy is at stake.

Our action plan outlines the critical activities that will put our public health clients on a course for success in information technology. We believe technology can help improve key services for the communities served by our customers. Our solutions are scalable and can grow with our client’s needs. In addition, our software solution allows for easy customizations and configuration changes.

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What is CDP?

We are a software and data services company which has been dedicated to serving public healthcare professionals since 1981. We are a company committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in the products and services that we provide. As part of that, we are continuously improving our software solutions by adding and enhancing functionality to meet the growing needs of our users.

Electronic Health Records

Easily manage clinic healthcare records, access patient information, streamline encounter billing & keep clinic staff up to date with real-time data & electronic health records.

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Data Warehouse

The repository’s detailed information generated from operations empowers agencies to use their data as a tool for active program monitoring, management, and evaluation.

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Environmental Health

Improve service delivery and workforce development for Environmental Health specialists, auditors and consultants throughout the complete inspection management process.

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Home Healthcare

Maintain an enterprise-level patient care database to manage billing details, scheduling, medication, lab results, wound documentation, reporting, customer support, and more.

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Synchronize with other applications from the field using our seamless and easy-to-use paper-like user interface, which eliminates paper while reducing costs. Use rich, mobile-friendly data capture on secure forms both online and offline.

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Manage day-to-day operations, participants, benefits, and more with ease. CDP provides electronic software systems that reduce paperwork, provide extensive reporting, and supply users and administrators with the information to quickly make informed decisions.

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Where is CDP?