Environmental Health

Inspection Management System

Food Inspection Food Inspection CDPims, our inspection management system, is uniquely designed to improve service delivery and simplify development for the mobile workforce of Environmental Health Specialists, private Auditors/Inspectors and Consultants. Based on a secure and distributed web platform, our inspection management system offers commercial, customizable off-the-shelf, automated surveillance and inspection reporting capabilities.

Environmental Health Solution Features

  • Anytime, anywhere access to inspections data - online or offline
  • Unique toolsets for data analysis, reporting and monitoring
  • Robust security and protection for sensitive and critical data

Our Environmental Health Solution includes:

  • Timely information provided to all users
  • Broad analysis across geographic boundaries
  • Increased mobile environmental health staff efficiency through:
    • The utilization of field applications, providing history and data capture
    • Computer readable and minable data
    • Support for online and offline operation
    • Connections to our comprehensive web-based, enterprise environmental health data system
  • Interoperable systems that are compliant with standards
  • An increased environmental public health capacity
  • The means to enhance and improve data
  • Extensive reporting

CDP’s web‐based and database‐centered environmental health applications feature the ability to generate electronic field inspections, pre‐defined and ad hoc reports, accounts receivable, and an easy‐to‐use management tool for tracking employee activities.

The primary feature of CDP’s environmental health solution is its capability to provide access to a variety of widely dispersed environmental data.

Establishments/facilities enable issuing of permits and conducting environmental health inspections in a wide array of facilities including temporary facilities.

CDP’s functionality offers quick access to facility’s history of prior inspections and all related documents of record including the permit and conditions for operation. In addition, our system allows users to search against the entire inventory of facilities by specific criteria.

CDP provides the ability to publish complete facility inspection results on the web for public viewing as soon as the data is entered into the database – in real-time.

The inspection processing and tracking part of the application includes the following features:

  • The ability to enter plan review activities, establishment inspections, complaint
  • investigations, as well as daily activity entries
  • Violation tables, which are built by program area
  • Various input systems for inspections
  • On‐screen error notifications
  • Checks used to eliminate duplicate violations
  • Automatic score/grade calculation based on the selected violations
  • Complaint inspections/investigations linked to establishments
  • Thorough search features including the ability to search inspections by establishment,
  • complain, date range, county, or program
  • Form letters and corrective action plans generated based on selected violations
  • The ability to capture general, pre-defined, or even free-form written comments
  • Inspection views displayed as a facsimile of the inspection form

The system can also handle complaints and requests for service. Using the application users can:

  • Handles any request for a service the Department department may receive
  • Log and track complaints and requests for service Logs and tracks Request for Service/Complaints all the way through resolution
  • Tracks complaints by program area
  • Ability to aAssign inspectors manually or automatically
  • Ability to sSchedule inspections/investigation and track next inspection/investigation dates
  • Allows for rResolveinge requests
  • Create a Ffood borne illness full investigation whereby data can be collected and exported.
  • Creates worksheets for inspector to use for inspection/investigations
  • Duplicate checking to avoid multiple instances of complaints. Use the built-in checks to find and eliminate duplicate complaints
  • Accepts, assigns, and tracks a wide range of complaints on the basis of geographic data, discipline, and source
  • Supports staff assignment to pProcess complaints across internal functional areas

The application provides the ability to collect activity data based on the program group, program type, and activity code selected, which results in comprehensive reporting.

Our Inspection Management System integrates with the Foodborne Illness module to ensure rapid and coordinated detection in the event of a foodborne disease outbreak. This module allows staff to enter information on case-patients in order to determine the source and vehicle of foodborne illnesses. Staff can enter details such as symptoms, the date when the patient first became ill, what they consumed that may be implicated, and even up to 72 hours of patient history. Integration with CDP’s Certified EMR Solution is also available for true interoperability.

We provide a website that is updated in real-time which allows public access to, but is not limited to, establishment and inspection information..

The accounts receivable feature includes the ability to:

  • Bill all types of establishments
  • Automatically add late fees
  • Override fees or add additional, re-inspection, or follow-up fees
  • Make payments under different statuses (for example, plan review, conditional, active, closed)
  • Make payments, reverse out payments, or correct the type of payment
  • Adjust the amount owed (write-offs) for pro-rated fees or uncollectable debts
  • Scan payments and print receipts
  • Accept payment in several forms, cash, check (with number and date), credit card, and EFT
  • Quickly access to account summary showing open, paid or all items, including aging of open items
  • Easily adjust prices to fixed prices, per unit prices, or a combination of both
  • Identify which charges can be overridden with a different amount
  • View line item charges and all related detail pertaining to the charge (for example, setup, payment(s), and adjustments)
  • Generate invoices for a selected facility/owner on demand
  • Reprint invoices, receipts, and permits
  • Generate renewals and permits in batches

The system tracks all payments and permit renewals, including applicable document printing.

Our extensive reporting functions utilize Crystal Reports for pre-defined reporting requirements and Oracle Discoverer for true ad hoc reporting.

We have the experience to help you strengthen your electronic data base of environmental health services utilizing web‐based technology as well as integrated field applications capable of offline use.

Our form-based solution—CDPmobile—ensures that field inspectors are more efficient and productive. Using laptops, tablet PCs, or W8 tablets, all aspects of operations in the field can be integrated with our inspection management system database, including permitting, inspections, and complaints.

CDPmobile was developed to work offline so that field staff can conveniently view inspection history, access demographics, and complete inspections while in the field. Once connected to the internet, all saved inspections and data is synchronized with the database.

Learn more about CDPmobile

The septic and well portion of the application features:

  • Web-based, table driven applications developed in .NET using an Oracle relational database
  • Role-based security allowing access controls for pages, menus and buttons.
  • Database tables, which include:
    • Property
    • Application
    • Evaluations
    • Profile (test hole)
    • Horizon (soil layers)
    • Permits
    • Inspections
  • An auditing function to track what changes were made, when and by whom.
  • Expanded comment areas.
  • Event tracking and history for a single property (new installations, repairs, complaints, and water samples)
  • Data element reporting
  • Drop-down calendars and list boxes to limit selection options.
  • GPS coordinate capture for property, test holes, system placement with interface to GIS
  • On-demand application, soil evaluation, permit, and inspection form viewing and printing
  • Detailed soil site evaluation data including information regarding:
    • profile (test hole)
    • horizon (soil layers)
  • Direct interface and synchronization with CDPmobile for complete data capture in the field, including GPS unit interface.
  • Interface to A/R module.
  • Automatic time and activity capture.