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Data Direct is CDP's Data Warehouse solution. It is a repository for the valuable, detailed information that is generated by Public Health Operations. Our goal is to empower federal, state and local agencies to use their data as a tool for active program monitoring, management, and evaluation.

The Data warehouse is a powerful engine that collects, collates, and integrates data into a cohesive information resource enabling users to dissect and analyze data across any number of dimensions and measures.

Benfit Utilization Report Sample Benfit Utilization Report Sample (Click to enlarge)

Originally developed for our WIC EBT Clients, the output is user-driven and user-actuated. It is intended to answer real-life questions about operations.

The possibilities the data warehouse presents are virtually unlimited. But here are a few things our data warehouse can provide:

  • A listing of the most expensive products authorized by a state agency
  • Summary and payment trends over a multi-month time period
  • A detailed reconciliation of a household’s WIC benefit account

The opportunities to use the information and the value it provides are virtually unlimited.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We recognize that our state agency customers have unique and ever-changing data analysis needs. The Data warehouse provides the tools that allow you to create and customize reports that are useful for your agency.

We use a standardized approach where common business rules are used in our back-end ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, helping maintain consistency in the data used to populate the core data warehouse. For example, currently a key result of this strategy is that it allows our information solution to be used by any WIC Universal MIS EBT Interface (WUMEI) - compliant state agency regardless of their choice of EBT service provider.


The Data warehouse is hosted by CDP as a part of our processing service. Tableau is a web-based, business intelligence tool that we have incorporated in our information management solution to serve as the user interface. It is what our customer sees; it is where you sign in to use our data warehouse. This powerful combination enables you to have access to the information you want--when you want it. It allows you to define the information you need and format the output according to specific requirements.

The Tableau server can render workbooks through a regular web browser, on a mobile device using HTML 5, or through the Tableau application. After much research, we selected Tableau for several reasons including:

  • The high level of functionality it provides,
  • Its ease-of-use characteristics,
  • Its budget-sensitive cost model, and
  • The comprehensive customer service supporting the product.

Pre-Built Workbooks

CDP will create pre-built workbooks for our clients when requested. Currently, WIC EBT workbook examples contain various sheets that provide detailed information for:

  • Financial Management
  • Retail Management
  • Food Management
  • Processing Metrics