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Our public health portfolio has a specialized focus on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). We count more than twenty-five WIC state agencies as our customers and are currently the premier WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) service provider in the country with nine WIC agencies under contract for online WIC EBT services.

CMS is Kentucky's integrated health and WIC Management Information System (MIS). It was built from the ground up - as a system designed to integrate WIC functionality with the Department of Public Health - Clinic Management system. It was designed with the goal of simplifying data management for clinic staff, some of the benefits and features of our integrated WIC / MIS are outlined below:

  • Household Management – Create and manage patients and participants at a household level.
  • Clinic Management – Manage clinic data such as physical address, mailing address, forms ordering, and hours of operation
  • Inventory Management – A multi-purpose tool for managing inventory in the clinic, particularly useful for management of WIC formulas distributed directly from the clinic, formula returns, and donations.
  • Automatic Risk Assessment – Allows for definitions of business rules for providing recommendations to the WIC staff during nutritional risk assignment.
  • Income Eligibility Assessment – Captures income data to compare household income to Federal guidelines.
  • Food Management and Maintenance – Supports management of approved foods and creation of standard food packages.
  • Certification – Supports the capture of necessary data to support certification decisions made by CPA / WIC staff.
  • Dual Participation Monitoring – Uses business rules to identify potential dual participation across local agencies.
  • Growth Charts – Supports the display and printing of official CDC charts and WHO charts.

We are the current maintenance and enhancements provider for the SPIRIT State Agency Model (SAM) system. Through this agreement we provide the development needed to support the complete group of Spirit partners. This includes a significant number of state agencies and ITOs.

CDP has provided maintenance, enhancements and operations services to legacy MIS solutions providing system modifications that states requested to respond to regulatory and policy-driven changes.

RMS is a standalone application that was recently re-engineered to take advantage of the latest technologies to create a unique and modern user experience. It offers agencies the ability to manage the lifcycle of a WIC authorized retailer including functions for monitoring and claims tracking as well as compliance monitoring. It provides extensive reporting on the risk factors used to identify retailers at high risk for fraud.
Peer Counseling is an important program for WIC, and our BF Peer software aids in managing the program. It provides the monitoring, tracking, scheduling and accountability to ensure the best performance of the peer counseling program.
  • For Peer Counseling Supervisors it provides numerous benefits:
    • Participant Management - See a list of all of the participants as well as those who qualify but may not yet be participating in the program.
    • Counselor Assignment - Assign counselors to make visits to participants and record the results of their sessions.
  • For the peer counselor, it provides a streamlined way to record the information about a counselling session. It works online and offline with synchronization functionality built-in.


WIC Direct - The EBT Solution

WIC Direct is the leader in online WIC EBT processing. Our award winning software provides for greater integrity, simplified benefit management, and robust reporting that gives the WIC Agency an in-depth understanding of how benefits are being utilized. All backed by a highly qualified and dedicated pool of individuals who work continuously to make it even better.

Our keys to success lie within our people and our experience. WIC Direct has a highly-qualified and dedicated project team that is second to none, with a record of completing every project on time and on budget. The experience of the team has allowed us to refine and streamline our processes in such a way that WIC Direct implementations can be incredibly quick. Across the agencies we support, WIC Direct serves more participants than any other online WIC EBT system - and we are still growing.

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Data Direct

The data warehouse originally provided as part of WIC Direct, ushers in a whole new way of looking at WIC data. It provides a way for agencies to monitor program integrity through data visualization and reporting features that are uniquely crafted with WIC in mind. In addition, it supplies agency staff with the ability to produce and share ad-hoc reports utililizing these same remarkable features.

  • Geo-Spatial - Where relevant, data is tied to a location context. Data direct provides the ability to review data in a visual manner on a map of the agency's service area. This feature enables some incredible things with the data. These reports are driven from existing data - such as vendor and household addresses. Maps revealing the data are capable of rendering data for zip code, area code, city, county, or the entire state.
  • Data Availability - Most data is imported daily from WIC Direct, so redemption data is typically visible in Data Direct the next day.
  • Ease of Use - Users simply drag and drop elements into the highly intutive report builder interface.

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