Home Healthcare

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Our Home Healthcare solution, CDPhhc, enables home health and hospice agencies to use a web-based, clinician-oriented, point of care system with the unique features required by home care agencies. It provides a patient care database and home healthcare client tracking in one central area.

This home healthcare system offers flexibility by allowing the field client to synchronize with other unique features for billing, secure email, telemedicine, mobile technology, e-faxing and benchmarking for total enterprise information management.

Experience More Unique Features of our Home Healthcare System

Home Healthcare System Features:

  • Medication Management – Access drug information to standardize teaching for both home care and hospice care.
  • Lab Results Integration - Interface directly with one medical laboratory resources
  • Wound Documentation – Use digital photo capabilities to document wounds
  • Activity Capture – Manage details like visit entry, supply transactions, and non-visit activity
  • Reporting – Track management statistics and financial details
  • Interfaces – Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA-compliant ANSI 4010A1 837 Institutional and Professional
  • Electronic Posting – Medicare and Medicaid claims are posted electronically

CDP’s Home Healthcare clinical module allows clinic staff to identify and chart patient problems while the software automatically generates the most effective care plan that fits with the level of need. Clinical assessment tools are built into the software to aid assist clinic staff in maintaining proper compliance requirements. This fully fully-equipped functionality enables enhances the ultimate in accessibility so that patient records are available on the clinician’s laptop.

Additional Benefits:

  • OASIS - Comprehensive Assessment
  • Prior Authorization -Prior Authorization Tracking and warning functionality
  • Scheduling - Manage user-defined scheduling and additional human resources tasks
  • PPS Requirements - HIPPS codes, SCICS, LUPA, Outliers
  • Pre-billing - Ability to check billing data prior to live billing
  • Billing - PPS episode, all payers (Non-PPS), by patient, by Payer
  • Account Receivable - Aged reporting
  • Additional Modules -Medicaid Waiver, Model Waiver II, EPSDT, Indigent, Hospice
  • Hosted Solutions - Turn-key operation data backup, retrieval, and IT support
  • Customer Support - Knowledgeable staff available for support
  • sFax - Save time by electronically sending and receiving faxes of 485, doctor’s orders and summaries
  • Cypher - ICD-10 management tool that offers authoritative coding guidance while automatically generating ICD-10s.