Customer Testimonials

Contacting CDP

From small counties to state-wide systems, from Clinic Management to Environmental Health, our 25 years of customer interface has produced the most efficient Enterprise Health solutions in the industry.

We invite you to call any customer of ours - not just our references. Please do not just call the Health Directors or Purchasing Agents. Please call anyone of the 3500+ people who use our systems everyday and ask them about our level of expertise & support as well as our user friendly systems. We know you will find that our ability to please our customers is excellent, and has been for many, many years.

CDP provides the necessary resources to ensure its on-time implementation completion utilizing standard methodologies, best professional practices and industry standard tools to provide a system that meets or exceeds its customer's expectations.

CDP, through the use of current technology, structured project management and proven business practices, is uniquely prepared to implement a system that meets or exceeds all requirements of the customer.

Here's what some of our customers have to say…

 “Knowing CDP was handling the ICD-10 changes took the weight off of our staff. With recent staff lay-offs, this was extremely helpful.  Also, if a claim is rejected or denied for any reason, CDP’s Revenue Cycle Management team goes after it. I’m glad we contracted with CDP, we’d be missing out on revenue that we would not have otherwise been able to capture if we didn’t do it.”            


Robin Koehl, Administrator of the Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department (Illinois)

 “Using CDP’s ezEMRx/ Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution is paying off for our agency and we are starting to receive sizeable monthly reimbursement checks. During the months of August 2015 and September 2015, Logan County Health Department received more than four times what we originally thought in paid claims because of the electronic medical records system that includes complete revenue cycle management. Having a RCM billing team that follows up on submitted claims is one of the great advantages of using CDP/ezEMRx. We love the fact that the ezEMRx solution does all of our claim follow-up, payment recovery and record documentation. It’s like having an additional billing and medical records department in our office without having to hire new employees. This saves our staff time and reduces our overhead. CDP’s staff is easily accessible, quick to respond and they proactively initiate weekly contacts with our staff to ensure the system is meeting our needs. We feel we have a partnership with CDP, for if we don’t succeed in capturing our revenue, neither do they. We both have a common goal and will do what is necessary to build a successful revenue stream to ensure the success of both parties. Additionally, using ezEMRx has also made the transition to ICD-10 a lot easier. It was so helpful to have CDP transfer all of our ICD-9 codes over to ICD-10. We did nothing for this transition.”               


Don Cavi, Administrator of the Logan County Health Department (Illinois)

“CDP did a great job with developing, training and implementation of the ezEMRx/Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution.”              


Cathy Dreyer, Fiscal Manager, McLean County Health Department (Illinois)

 “Custom Data Processing’s WIC Data Warehouse is one of the most powerful tools developed to make all WIC data available to multiple users for a variety of uses such as reporting, graphing, food dollar tracking, WIC outreach, vendor monitoring, and WIC historical data studies. Kentucky continually finds new uses for the available data.”

Dennis Hill, Kentucky WIC Operations Manager (Retired)

“CDP is one of the very best companies we work with for government payment processing. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. They go out of their way to ensure smooth implementations and roll-outs of the e-WIC technology. Their team delivers on their promises and effectively moves WIC customers from outdated paper food instruments to e-WIC cards quickly.”


Jennifer Simpson, Kroger Retail Operations, (former) Government Benefits Manager – WIC and SNAP

Our team is proud of the relationships we have built with the retailer community. Michael A. Zeher from Wal-Mart recently noted, “eWIC conversions with CDP are well run, timely and efficient.” “Walmart shares CDP’s commitment to moving e-WIC forward quickly and efficiently, and we especially appreciate all that your company is doing to help states and retailers get there. I want to recognize CDP for your great service and your dedication to reliability. It makes a difference in the entire WIC distribution chain, and most importantly, it makes a difference to the participants.  Your team is always there to help us work through any problem that may arise. You are quick to engage and help us identify issues before they become big issues, and you’re there to resolution.  In my experience, eWIC conversions with CDP are well run, timely and efficient. I would be happy to share more detail with any agency that would like feedback on CDP. They are welcome to contact me directly.”



Michael A. Zeher, Sr. Director - Treasury Operations Wal-Mart

 This a personal note of thanks for the tremendous support from FIS and CDP on getting the first WIC on-line recoupment system in the US in place on time and in exceptional working order.  You each personally encouraged this effort from the start.  Your vision allowed for the transition in the agreements that made it all possible.

 Florida started recoupment processing first thing this morning and we have already recovered over $7,000.  Everything in eWIC is working as advertised.

 We wanted to make a special point of thanking you for your personal involvement in ensuring the focus of all the corporate skills and efforts in getting the process in place. 

First and foremost, recoupment processing has an immediate impact on program abuse and vendor compliance.  It is far more difficult for vendors to abuse the program when they are consistently challenged with NTE and competitive price requirements collected on-line.  They are now looking for the lowest price – within the competitive range – rather than the highest price WIC will pay.

Second, we are finding a great deal of corporate interest in Florida in this initiative as well.  We intend to provide the results to corporations and groups of businesses in the program to encourage improved management of peer group prices throughout their network of stores.  This means that instead of just 5 state employees managing 2,000 vendors we now have the key corporate agencies also cooperating – with exactly the same data – in keeping check on pricing and program redemption activity. 

Third, we have married this process with inventory audits very successfully which has also caught our vendor’s attention.

Most importantly, we want to congratulate Johnny Sena and his entire CDP team for their ground breaking achievement.  I believe you will agree that this is a significant technical achievement.  We have worked closely with Johnny and his team for months.   We observed first-hand their unusual skill, dedication and commitment to achieving such a successful outcome.

WIC on-line recoupment is a major program integrity tool for Florida.  It most certainly encourages intentional compliance with program requirements at every level and provides the tools to clearly communicate factual results to all the key participants. 

We sincerely appreciate your personal involvement – from the start – in seeing on-line recoupment becomes a success.  Your teams have delivered.


Earl B. ("Brad") Christy, Jr.,Florida WIC Operations Manager, Bureau of WIC Program Services

I want to thank you and your staff for providing our department a state of the art inspections system. I'm impressed with your commitment to quality and appreciate the professionalism of the CDP staff. Communicating our inspections with the state system was a question of mine in the beginning. CDP's efforts have proven that outsourcing such services ensures that our department is credited at the state level and, therefore, allowing us to reap maximum monetary benefits.  Looking forward to the future with CDP.

Curtis Hopper, Environmental Health Administrator, Gaston County Health Department, NC

I wanted to tell you what a joy it is to work with CDP and its staff. They worked with my staff to make this upgrade as painless as possible. They were patient but efficient, but I'd have to say that the one thing that makes working with them so enjoyable is the way that they can be so warm and personable yet professional.

Carl I. Carroll, Director, Environmental Health Section, Alamance County Health Department (NC)

Good Morning Stan and CDP Team,

We are so grateful for all the effort provided recently during our EBT Transition from JPMorgan to WIC Direct. The project has unfolded with terrific collaboration and steady focus.  To say that CDP went above and beyond the call of duty in recent weeks is a gross understatement!

Any project including three contractors (all competitors), FNS and a small state agency would be difficult, and to quote FNS, our timeline was “very aggressive.” CDP turned documents out at an unbelievable pace, kept us all on track, and managed the technical side of the project from every angle.  Julie Scott and I are most grateful for efforts from everyone on your team, from beginning to end.

Thank you all for guiding us through a successful transfer! We look forward to many years of continued partnership!


Melinda Newport, Director of Nutrition Services, Chickasaw Nation, Department of Health

CDP is very professional, friendly, and eager to help in any way possible.  Utilizing CDP's EHR along with CDP's Revenue Cycle Management billing solution has been reassuring with our recent undertaking of billing private insurances and the transition to the Managed Care Organizations within the Medicaid system.  We can already see the increase in revenue due to their billing expertise.  This has allowed additional time for our billing person to complete other job duties within the department.


Kris Marcotte, Administrative Coordinator, Kankakee County Health Department (Illinois)